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Authentication through Mobile Face Recognition

What is the BioID app?

The BioID facial recognition app is a multifactor user authenticator with face login.

Why biometrics?

Traditional username/password authentication is no longer adequate in terms of security. As more and more services are going mobile, typing a long, complicated strong password can be frustrating. More and more providers are switching to multifactor authentication systems to include things as hardware/software tokens and/or biometric authentication. Biometric authentication such as face recognition that effectively binds a user to the service, enables convenient and secure authentication that is easy to use without the need of additional hardware.

What are the benefits of using the BioID app?

The BioID application is a mobile client for BioID Connect, an OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 identity service based on our BioID Web Service (BWS)—the original 'biometric as a service' with our patented liveness detection.

BioID offers the following benefits:

It allows end users to log in to apps and websites that are supporting the BioID app (including our BWS developer portal), making it a multipurpose mobile authenticator.

It allows developers and companies to easily add biometric authentication to their mobile platform, without the need to be a biometric specialist.

It allows anyone to explore our biometric technology and to see how well face recognition technology works today.

Facial Recognition App with login face for iOS

Protect Your Employees

As an administrator, you can easily enhance your authentication process security by supporting BioID Connect as an industry standard OpenID Connect / OAuth 2.0 authorization framework.

Protect Your Users

As a developer, with just a few lines of code you can upgrade the security for your applications or websites by supporting BioID Connect. No need to dive into biometrics and its associated user interface development. Simply use standard protocols.

Protect Yourself

As a user, you can now enjoy strong, convenient biometric authentication to access an increasing number of apps and websites that are supporting BioID Connect across different platforms.

Face Scanner - Failed liveness detection

How it works

The BioID facial recognition needs to know how you look.

You introduce yourself to BioID by using the software to take a few pictures of your face (called biometric enrollment). This is as easy as taking a few selfies.

Now you are ready to be recognized.

After enrollment, BioID is ready to recognize you ('verification'). To see if BioID recognizes you, simply press 'Verify' and take a selfie just like enrollment. Don't worry, our patented Fake Defender prevents hijackers pretending to be you by using your picture—this is a big advantage over other face recognition software that can easily be faked with a photo. Optional challenge-response to protect against video attacks can be enabled in your BioID account.

And now comes the magic.

The BioID app can also be used by other apps (inter-App communication) or websites, allowing you to gain access exactly the same way by simply taking a selfie—this is the face login.

Let's get started.

To use the BioID biometric technology, you need a BioID account. You can do this from the application or sign up right now on our website.

Designed for Privacy

We agree that software must be simple to use, conveniently designed and use the highest security level that is possible.

But when talking about your biometric data more important is the protection of your data privacy. We are a German company and meet stringent German data privacy protection requirements. We take the protection of your data extremely seriously. After all, our software has been trusted for years by banks, enterprises and military.

In addition to following industry best practices for data security, we designed our biometric service with three key characteristics:

Anonymous: Your biometric data is stored anonymously with no other personally identifiable information such as your name or email address. We don't know who we are recognizing!

Irreversible: Our BioID Web Service stores no photos, only a template—an irreversible mathematical representation of your unique features that cannot be reverse engineered to obtain a photo.

Revocable: If you ever suspect your biometric might be compromised, you don't need plastic surgery. The service provider simply deletes the old template and re-enrolls the user under a new anonymous ID.

Please take a look at our Privacy Policy for more details.

Your biometric data belongs to you and only you! It is only needed so we can recognize you. It is kept anonymously and cannot be shared.

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